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P2P Networking

P2P Networking (Peer-to-Peer Networking) is a unique service provided by HRD Consultants for human resource executives in transition.

Each networking group is small (8 to 10 human resource executives) to maximize interaction and to encourage the participants to get to know one another on a personal, holistic level. The group meets for three (3) hours.

The "theory" behind P2P networking is that people help people they know and like.

Each networking group is led by a qualified facilitator, who uses guide questions to ensure the discussion stays focused, meaningful and productive.

The "fun" question is always "Tell the group something about yourself that's not on your resume." Over the years, some of the answers have been quite interesting. One HR professional was a former Radio City Music Hall Rockette. Another HR executive talked about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Yet another talked about publishing a mystery novel under a pseudonym.

Although the goal of these groups is "serious," i.e. to find a job; there's also a lot of laughter among the participants.

The group is encouraged to stay connected after the networking session ends. Usually, each month, a different person from the group, will connect with everyone on line. Some of the groups have formed such a strong "bond" that they hold "reunions" every six months and they get together in person.

The benefits of P2P Networking are:

  • The formation of a personal advisory group. What started as a group of strangers becomes a group of colleagues.
  • Vetted job leads from colleagues that you trust.

"Bringing together a group of my peers was a great way to expand my circle of contacts and my perspective."

"Peer-to-Peer Networking provided further refinement of who I am, what I want, and where I'm going."

"The idea behind Peer-to-Peer Networking is simple and brilliant. Bring together a small group of senior executives in human resources from different industries, have them share their experiences, learn from one another, share contacts and expand their network."

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